Eating out while eating clean - Body Fuel Cafe, Hove

I love eating out, so I'm always on the look out for healthy places to sit and enjoy a meal that I haven't had to cook, without being tempted by cheesy carbs. One of the latest healthy eateries on my radar is the Body Fuel Cafe on Church Road in Hove, that serves breakfasts, lunches, snacks and smoothies, with your waistline in mind.

After sweat two classes on one rainy Saturday morning, I made the excursion over to Hove to refuel with something delicious and nutritious. Despite the amazing looking hot food and salads, we arrived at 12.30, just in time to order off the breakfast menu - and I'm a sucker for brunch. It was a toss up between protein pancakes, homemade granola or eggs - but I can't say no to sourdough, so eggs it was.

on sourdough, with smoked salmon

on rye, with rump steak

I had my perfectly poached eggs with smashed avocado, fresh chilli and smoked salmon, on the most gloriously chewy sourdough bread. Rich chose the same, but he had rye instead of sourdough and steak instead of salmon.

And to wash it down, I ordered a smoothie called 'not naughty, definitely nice' which contained; almond milk, banana, nut butter, raw cacao, vanilla, honey and cinnamon, with optional added protein (but I decided to go without as I'd already had a protein shake before the gym). This was delicious too, although similar to one I had made at home earlier in the week, so I kinda wish I'd picked something different.

After all that, I was absolutely stuffed, but I picked up a homemade dates & cacao flapjack to take home.

Although the location of the Body Fuel Cafe is a bit of a trek from my house, it was worth the trip and I definitely want to go back to sample some of the other yummy things on the menu. But, please Body Fuel - open a second cafe on London Road!



  1. That beef looks incredible (I can never resist a sourdough slice either!) and I'd probably have to find an excuse to head there all the time! Deffo well deserved after two classes!

  2. This sounds amazing and considering i'm starving at the moment i feel i'm close to dribbling! I will definitely be taking a trip here

  3. That looks delish! There's a health cafe just down from the station, but I'm not sure it's quite as 'clean' as this one... might be worth checking out though? I think it's called LoveFit? xx


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