The best fake tan I've tried | Superdrug Solait Dry Oil

I'm a terrible, terrible tanner. No matter how careful I am in applying my fake tan, I end up streaky, with orange fingers and toes. So I generally tend to embrace my natural skin colour instead, but every year, when it comes to that first bare-legged outing, I always just try a little fake tan just in the hope that, as I have become older and wiser, I will no longer apply tan like a toddler.

This year, I was drawn to try Superdrug's own 'Solait' tanning range  - an entire wall of pink-packaged products with every type of tan you could imagine; foams, lotions, sprays, wipes and more. As a tanning noob, you can imagine how overwhelming this must have been for me. I read through all the bottles and finally decided to try out the Dry Oil. No need to shower off, instantly absorbed and a natural looking colour - it seemed like the easiest, most fool-proof option.

And hands down; this tan is a revelation. Here's why...

  • It spritzes directly on to the skin in small, neat patches, without spraying onto any nearby furnishings.
  • It buffs into the skin effortlessly with a tanning mitt leaving absolutely no streakiness at all.
  • You can see where you have applied it (reducing risk of patches and streaks)
  • It develops in colour subtly, but doesn't turn you a surprise shade of mahogany a few hours later. 
  • It's even, smooth and a lovely golden bronze shade which is very natural looking, but buildable for girls who like a deeper colour.
  • It has an inoffensive smell (not quite 'tropical' as described, but not a nasty biscuity fake tan smell either)
  • It lasts a good 4-5 days, only going ever so slightly patchy around the feet. Exfoliating doesn't harshly strip the colour off but rather just blurs away any patchiness. 
  • You can wipe the excess product on the mitt across your face, hands and toes for a natural-looking, seamless glow. 

Perhaps the Superdrug Solait Dry Oil will convert me into a tanaholic?!

I've been maintaining my new bronzed glow by being a bit more diligent with exfoliating and moisturising. My friend bought me the Champney's Summer Dream Rewarding Salt Scrub for my birthday, and it's the perfect exfoliating product. It's very gentle, and just maintains a smooth base for my tan and buffs away any patches, without stripping all the tan off each time. It also smells absolutely incredible. Peach and mango with sandalwood for a sweet and fruity, yet still very sophisticated scent. Even if you're not in the market for a new body scrub - if you see a pot in Boots, I recommend you just give it a whiff.

How do you tan? Spray tan, sunbeds or fake it? Or you embrace your natural skin colour?



  1. ooo looks good girl! superdrug clearly know what they're doing!

  2. I've just started getting into fake tanning and I love Superdrug's range it's so good but so cheap compared to other brands, I've never used a dry oil so I might have to pick it up next time I run out!

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