Guilt free, healthy takeaway burgers - Love Fit Cafe

As the saying goes 'You can't out-train a bad diet'. Even nine exercise classes a week (yep, that means two on a Saturday and Sunday) can't counteract my addiction to Deliveroo burgers... With a trip to Barcelona looming and the top button of my jeans close to bursting, I'm trying to cut back (again) on the naughty food at the moment, so Deliveroo adding the LoveFit Cafe to their site couldn't have come at a better time! 

LoveFit Cafe are a great option for gym-goers and those watching their weight, because their menu lists the calories, macros and even Weight Watchers points of every dish. Often when ordering from a restaurant, even when you try pick the healthiest choice, there are sneaky extra calories hiding in the sauce, or the cooking method, so it's amazing to be able to feel in control of what you're eating. 

In the LoveFit cafe itself, you can order pancakes, breakfasts, jacket potatoes, wraps etc but they're now Deliveroo-ing their burgers and 'Protein Platters' (essentially healthy Nandos - lean chicken and a side of your choice) all over Brighton! Ideal for when you want a healthy dinner that you don't have to cook... which for me is all the time. 

So last night I swapped my normal Saturday night takeaway for a LoveFit 'Surfer Burger'. I chose the Chicken & Bacon option; a naked chicken breast, garnished with with a rasher of smoked lean bacon, a slice of Emmental cheese and homemade BBQ sauce inside a Dr Zak's protein bun. with a rocket and parmesan side salad.

Let's look at how the Surfer Burger compares to GBK's cheese & bacon burger...


And of course the side salad was next to nothing, whereas I'd have had sweet potato fries and baconnaise with my GBK order. 

But most importantly, it really hit the spot. It was delicious and filled with really high quality ingredients, plus, I'm not feeling the next-day-guilt today. Of course, a chicken burger is never going to compare to a beef burger, but Rich ordered the Steak & Cheese Surfer Burger and said it was just as yum as the far more calorific versions from our favourite burger places.

I'm so pleased that now, when my willpower is flailing and I can't be bothered to cook, I can just order a healthy dinner from the LoveFit Cafe and now have to worry about my diet going off track!

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  1. Wow I wish we had more places like this near us! It sounds absolutely delicious and such a cut down of calories! Wahh I miss having takeaways sometimes xD your blog is beautiful! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Chicken burger was good BUT.
    It could fit the palm of my tiny hand :( I guess you would need three of these after a proper gym session! For the price it would be great to have a decent size. Boo for Finger food

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